The Drone!

Today the company acquired its newest toy. “The Drone”, as it will be referred to for now, until we give it an appropriate name. After doing hours of shopping and research on my favorite site, Amazon, I decided to purchase the Upair One Quadcopter drone.

This drone does not do a lot of fancy tricks or aerial stunts but, it does have some cool features. Features like a 4K camera attached to a gimbal on the underside of the body, gps location settings, and a remote control with a 7″ LCD screen. The remote not only controls the drone but it also controls the camera, as well. The LCD has a live feed of what the camera is seeing and also displays altitude, flying modes, speed, distance from take off location, and battery life.

The camera attached to the underside of the drone body records in 4K high definition and shoots 16 MP still images. Coming from a photography background, those numbers are exciting. I am hoping that in the weeks to come I will be posting a lot of exciting aerial images from some rather large projects we will be working on.

Unfortunately, due to today’s weather, I was not able to test fly the drone. I was able to do a brief recording and take a couple of still images, nothing worth posting though. So, stay on the look out as there will be some awesome images to come and new videos posted to our up and coming YouTube page.


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