Motivation for Mondays.

Trying to find the motivation to wake up early everyday and push through another day of work can be hard enough, let alone Monday mornings. For some people, “weekend warriors”, Monday is just another work day, but after taking a couple days off from work and relaxing only makes Mondays that much more difficult and anxiety ridden. Even as a business owner, who is on call everyday, having a weekend with minimal calls, texts, and emails only makes Mondays for dreading.

I usually spend the weekend prepping for the week ahead. Planning the company’s schedule from Monday to Friday, continuously adjusting the schedule with the weather forecast, but even with all the planning and scheduling, Mondays can just be a drag. After all that planning, Monday just seems like the beginning to an extremely long checklist that you hope to get accomplished by Friday. On the other hand you could look at it in a positive way, its the start to checking off one item at a time and the more you check off, the less you have to do.

When running a business you will notice that for every item you check off your checklist, your adding three more. This can be discouraging, as if you are just moving in place. This makes finding motivation for Monday morning impossible, as you are always trying to find the motivation to just move on each day. There are some days when the job is not going well, the weather is not cooperating with your schedule, the phone will not stop ringing, and the text / emails won’t stop. You may find that some small business owners will complain about such things while venting, this venting to whomever it may be is usually followed by, “at least it’s a good headache to have”. While, yes, this is a good headache to have, it can be a headache non the less. To look at this from a glass half full perspective, the work is coming in, you are employed, and business is good.

I try not to just look at Monday as a day to dread, the start to a never ending checklist, or a day I need to personally find the motivation for. For me, Monday is just another day in my life filled with hours, minutes, and seconds. In that time I try to be as productive as I can be to keep my life and business moving forward in a positive and productive manner. As I said earlier, some days it can be difficult to find the motivation to push on, get out of bed, and be productive. I personally would love a day to just binge watch some Netflix.

At the end of each day, whether it be a Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday, and knowing I was able to check off as many checklist items as I could while also, in some way, progressing my business and personal future leaves a productive feeling inside myself. This productive feeling is all the motivation I need to keep moving forward. Stop procrastinating, force yourself to start that checklist, and you will find that as you move down your list, your motivation will build on itself.  You may even start adding new items that aren’t exactly necessary to your everyday routine, but more personal and self-fulfilling.

Just remember, each day is only hours, minutes, and seconds. Use each one to make your life more productive and meaningful and you won’t half to find motivation, it will find you.

Robert Jr.

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